Wednesday, 15 February 2017


1.   Here is the most recent version of the Brandon Jazz rooming list 
       If you have any questions see the appropriate teacher.  

2.  Here his the official Brandon Jazz Website and you can find out loads of information about every aspect of the festival including:  Performance times and Featured concert performers.

3.  Here is the latest newsletter from the festival -

4.  We will be staying at the Victoria Inn  in Brandon- check out the link for more information about the hotel.

5.  We are leaving on the 15th of March at 1:00PM and will be returning to the Westwood Parking Lot around 9:00PM on the 17th.  Students will text home when we are approaching the city at Elie (about 20 minutes away).

6.  Performance times are listed on the Brandon Jazz Website, but incase you have trouble finding it:

Thursday March 18:  Vocal Jazz 1- 11:00 AM Westman, Sr. Jazz - 1:30 PM Lorne Watson, Vocal Jazz 2 - 3:00PM Westman.

Friday:  Jr. Jazz "B" - 8:00AM Evans,  Jr. Jazz "A" - 12:00PM Kinsmen, Intermediate Jazz - 3:30 PM Kinsmen.

7.  Final payment has not been determined as of yet. We will be meeting shortly to double check out numbers and determine final payment and should have something posted by next week.

8.  Latest version of our itinerary - as stated, this is tentative and subject to change.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Edwards ( or Ms. Russell (

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